Prankster Interrupts Herschel Walker Event To Hand Him Condoms

The anti-abortion Senate candidate is accused of funding an ex's abortion and has acknowledged having kids with multiple women.

A member of the Good Liars, a duo of political pranksters, interrupted a campaign event for Senate candidate Herschel Walker on Thursday to hand him a package of condoms.

Comedian Jason Selvig was face to face with the former football star at the event in Macon, Georgia, as he offered him several blue-packaged condoms. In footage of the confrontation, an irritated Walker can be seen putting a hand on Selvig’s chest, saying something, but his exact words weren’t captured.

Walker, who’s challenging incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) in the Senate race, didn’t take any of the condoms.

Walker, who touts “family values” and has criticized fatherless homes as a “major, major problem,” acknowledged in June that besides his son Christian with his ex-wife, he has three other children with three different women.

A former girlfriend — the mother of his youngest child, a 10-year-old boy he reportedly rarely contacts — accused Walker earlier this month of insisting that she have an abortion and said he paid for it. Walker claims to oppose abortion and has campaigned against the procedure.

Walker denied that he paid for the woman’s abortion but acknowledged that he had sent her a $700 check without knowing what it was for.

“Use a condom, damn,” Christian Walker, 22, tweeted to his estranged father after the accusation surfaced. That remark may have been the inspiration for Thursday’s stunt.

Last week, Walker walked back comments he’d made about opposing exceptions to a Georgia law that would prohibit abortions after roughly six weeks, which is often before most people even know they’re pregnant. The legislation has exceptions for victims of rape or incest, who would be able to have abortions only if they have filed a police report for those crimes.

Walker insisted on NBC News that he had “never opposed” exceptions to the law, even though he called for a total abortion ban without exception early in his campaign.

“There’s no exception in my mind,” he said during a campaign event in May. “Like I say, I believe in life.”

Walker has also come under fire recently for insisting that an “honorary” sheriff’s badge he was gifted is an actual law enforcement badge. He claims he once worked in law enforcement, even though there’s no proof he did.

Walker was pranked Wednesday on “Tooning Out the News,” an animated series produced by “The Late Show”’s Stephen Colbert.

When the show’s cartoon anchor, James Smartwood (voiced by creator R.J. Fried), got Walker on the phone to report a crime, he told him his cell phone had been stolen from his car.

The candidate eagerly responded: “I’ll tell you what I’ll do is we’ll report your thing, and all that and stuff. I think that’ll be great. What we’ll do is, you got a number I can call?”

Check it out below.

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