Baby Is Immersed In Existential Chat Because, Seriously, What Does It All Mean?!

Her expression is everything.

But dude ... what is life, though? -- Probably this baby. 

A crazy cute video shared on Facebook features "Brain Games" host Jason Silva getting existential, chatting about the "miracle of life," with an adorable baby girl. The tot looks like she's taking it aaaaall in. And while she probably has no idea what the heck Silva's talking about, the expression on her face is of wonder and imagination -- pretty much everything that will make you wish you were a kid again. 

The video, which was shared on Tuesday, has been going viral on Facebook with more than 16 million views as of Thursday afternoon. We're not surprised. After all, it's a baby with the cutest expression on her face listening to some big, big words. 

Watch as Silva chats with the baby about her being.  

"You're grasping all this amazing information as you map and model the world. You're growing, you're learning, you're expanding, you're slowly emerging as a thinking being," Silva says in the video. "What is this actual piece of divine miracle that somehow this universe allowed to organize? It's insane. Looking into your eyes actually feels like you're looking into a galaxy. 

The baby is totally like, "NO WAY. GET OUT, BRUH."


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