Jason Sudeikis On Justin Bieber: 'I Thought It Was A Make-A-Wish Foundation Situation'

Jason Sudeikis is on the cusp of full fledged breakout, A-List stardom. He's a fixture on "Saturday Night Live," is one of three stars of "Horrible Bosses," one of the summer's most anticipated comedies, and, in a huge profile boost, is hosting this weekend's MTV Movie Awards.

So it only makes sense that, while visiting Jimmy Kimmel for a plum late night promo appearance, the pair talked about basketball. Looks like ABC, which is broadcasting the NBA Finals, really knows how to control the message.

Kimmel and Sudeikis kicked back this week and led off their chat with a discussion of their unfortunate go-rounds in the NBA All-Star celebrity game, which saw both funnymen buried on their teams by basketball legends. And tween pop stars. Because as it turned out, Justin Bieber was the MVP of that game -- though Sudeikis couldn't quite believe it at first.

When Kimmel asked if he had trash talked the Canadian wunderkind, Sudeikis had quite the response.

"A little bit. Just a little bit," he said. "I didn't even know it was him for the first two quarters, I thought it was a Make-A-Wish situation."

Make fun of a Make-A-Wish Foundation kid?

"Easy target," Sudeikis laughed.