Jason Sudeikis Has No Sense Of Smell, Sniffs Butter Instead Of Promoting 'We're The Millers'

Jason Sudeikis took to late-night television to announce he was leaving "Saturday Night Live," and he had another confession yesterday evening: He has no sense of smell.

The "We're The Millers" actor told Kimmel that he was simply born without olfactory abilities, and only really noticed that he was down a sense once people started commenting on how things smelled:

“You never notice it as a kid, because smell is only pizza and farts. And then at some point you get older, and after puberty people start complaining about the smell of your feet and you’re like...’I can’t smell it.’”

Before Kimmel conducted a sniff check, Sudeikis admitted his lack of smell has dulled the way he tastes food and possibly his ability to remember things. And he's right -- olfaction is closely linked to memory, and we've heard that apples taste like onions with your nose plugged. Yuck.

This is further disappointing, because we're certain Olivia Wilde always smells delicious.



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