Jason Tolbert, HuckPAC Coordinator, Resigns Citing Clemency Decision


The Arkansas coordinator for Mike Huckabee's political action committee resigned Tuesday in part because the former governor granted clemency to a man who is suspected of murdering four police officers in Washington state. It was a volunteer position.

"My departure was with a heavy heart but was done after serious prayer and consideration," James Tolbert wrote on his blog. "Some have asked about the timing. As most could imagine, the recent news of the last two days along with the response did play a role in this decision but was not the sole factor."

Commenters on the blog also expressed disappointment with Huckabee.

Huckabee is under fire for granting clemency to Maurice Clemmons, who was charged at 17 with aggravated robbery and other charges and sentenced to 108 years in prison. Clemmons appealed to Huckabee, saying he prayed the governor would show him compassion.

Two of Huckabee's potential rivals for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, former New York Governor George Pataki and Minnesota Gov. Tim Palwenty, have publicly criticized the decision.

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