Jason Vickery Breaks Into Home, Plays With Toy Helicopter, Masturbates, Cops Say

Salad-Munching, Masturbating Burglar Takes Toy Chopper For Joy Ride: Cops

If you're at home and hear a mysterious "fapfapfap" noise, it might be a helicopter outside -- or it might be this guy.

Jason Lee Vickery, 23, broke into a home in St. Augustine, Fla. Wednesday and was about to masturbate when he got distracted by a green remote-controlled helicopter, according to a St. Johns County Sheriff's report obtained by HuffPost Weird News.

Vickery sought out the toy's batteries and flew the helicopter for a while, "thus depriving the owner of the item" and its battery life, the report states.

At some point while inside the home, he ate a salad he happened to have with him, investigators told Action News Jax.

After getting his fill of leafy greens, Vickery allegedly masturbated in the bathroom on the second floor, but stopped and went to the backyard because he heard voices coming from outside.

The voices belonged to deputies, who arrested him. Officials say they confiscated a bag of marijuana, as well as other drug paraphernalia, a pouch of chewing tobacco, a towel and a wig.

Vickery was charged with larceny and burglary.

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