Jason Voorhees Kill Counter: Mashup (NSFW VIDEO)

Jason Voorhees has killed a lot of people over the course of the "Friday the 13th" slasher franchise -- though none of them took place during the original 1980 classic. Those deaths came courtesy of his mom, Pamela Voorhees. (Spoiler.)

Above, however, HuffPost has compiled Jason’s murders from the other 11 movies in the "Friday the 13th" series for your twisted Halloween entertainment. Watch the NSFW video and see if you can guess his total body count.

Before you begin here are a few guidelines to help you with your estimate:

1. Dogs count as people
2. Getting killed in a dream DOES NOT count
3. Murders “inspired” by Jason DO NOT count
4. Jason’s spirit possessing others DOES count
5. People killed in an virtual reality DO NOT count
6. Hot robot girls count as people (but you can’t actually kill them)

If you want, make bets with your friends on kill count or make up your own drinking game to play as you watch. And after you’re done don’t forget to check out how many notches nightmare murderer Freddy Krueger has put on his belt to find out who is officially America’s most prolific mass murderer.

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