Man Forced To Shorten Fence Gets Revenge With Naked Mannequins

Santa Rosa city officials threatened a $500-a-day fine until the homeowner cut the fence in half.

A man in Santa Rosa, California, forced to reduce the size of his fence got some payback on City Hall with the help of some naked mannequins.

Jason Windus had built a 6-foot-tall fence to keep his two dogs in his yard. “I put this fence together for my dogs so that they had a place to run,” Windus told San Francisco station KPIX-TV.

However, Windus was ordered to cut his $9,000 fence in half after a neighbor filed a complaint with the city, claiming it obstructed the view of oncoming traffic for drivers at the intersection, according to Oakland station KTVU-TV.

The city agreed and ordered Windus the alteration to the fence in half, which Windus said he didn’t consider fair. “As you drive through the neighborhood you’ll see that nobody else’s fence had to be cut down but mine,” he told KTVU.

Windus said city officials said he would be fined $500 for every day the fence remained in its original condition.

“They made me freak out,” Windus told San Francisco station KGO-TV. 

So he complied, but not without making his own kind of offbeat statement: Windus put a bunch of naked mannequins he was saving for the right occasion right there in his front yard.

“I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. I was going to use them for target practice,” Windus told KGO.

Windus placed four of the anatomically accurate mannequins around a table while a female dummy stands with her arms over her head, according to The Santa Rosa Press-Democrat.

The dummy display features a sign that reads “Reserved seat for the nosey neighbor that complained about my fence to the city.”

So far, locals are enjoying the nakedly personal protest, Windus told KTVU.

“I wasn’t expecting any of this,” he said. “We’ve had like 50 people stop, taking pictures, telling me how great it is.”




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