Couple Buys Entire Jason Wu For Target Stock At Miami Store (VIDEO)

WATCH: Couple Buys Out Entire Jason Wu For Target Stock

We knew the Jason Wu for Target launch would cause chaos, panic, pandemonium, etc., but apparently it's inspired at least one act of out-and-out villainy.

A couple in Miami hit up a Target store this weekend and decided to buy out the entire Jason Wu for Target stock, which only hit the shelves on Sunday.


In this YouTube video of the fashion crime, irate shoppers look on as the perps haul their carts (plural!) filled with Jason Wu goods to the register and check out amidst jeers and heckles.

Ginger Harris, who witnessed the event and posted photos, reports on her blog that the cops even got involved after the male supposedly shoved a woman who was in line. Yikes!

Is cleaning out all of the merchandise like that legal? Well, yes, although Target is supposed to enforce a two-piece-per-person limit. Regardless, it's definitely not nice. The couple reportedly told pissed-off onlookers that they could buy the merchandise from them outside.

We're guessing most kept walking.


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