Jaspreet Singh Kalra Aspires To Be Most Flexible Man In World

It's no stretch to say that Jaspreet Singh Kalra is flexible.

The 15-year-old from the state of Punjab, India, is able to bend his body into a circle so his feet touch his cheeks, and he is able to bend backwards so far his forehead touches his rear end.

Kalra discovered his incredible ability to contort his body into extreme positions four years ago when he started doing yoga. Since then, the self-described "Rubber Boy" has been bent on stardom.

Since then, Kalra has taught himself how to rotate his head 180 degrees and twist his arms in a full 360-degree circle -- without any permanent repercussions.

"I have never faced any discomfort or pain while doing these actions," he said, according to the Metro. "People ask me if I feel anything or if I have any pain in my body after doing this but I never have. I like doing this. It has become my hobby."

Now Kalra is bent on turning his hobby into a full-blown career, by appearing on the latest season of "India's Got Talent," which premieres on India's Colors TV network April 18.

"I want to be the number one contortionist in the world," he told Barcroft TV.

To see how much Kalra can contort his body, check out the video below.



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