Javier Bardem: 'James Bond 23' Role Offered?

The name's Bardem. Javier Bardem.

According to Deadline.com, Oscar winner (and newly minted nominee) Javier Bardem has been offered a starring role in the just announced next James Bond film, temporarily titled 'James Bond 23.' Bardem wouldn't be playing Bond -- that role is sticking with returning 007 Daniel Craig -- but word of a major offer may mean that Bardem is being courted to play the secret agent's nemesis.

The offer is just the latest in a string of winter good news for Bardem. Last week, wife Penelope Cruz gave birth to a baby boy -- and on the same day, Bardem was given his third Oscar nomination for his role in the Spanish language film 'Biutiful.'

As Deadline points out, Bardem has played the bad guy with stunning success before, winning an Oscar for his beyond creepy performance as a serial killer in 'No Country For Old Men,' in 2007.

In other, sad Bond news, the films' legendary composer, five-time Oscar winner John Barry, passed away on Sunday.

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