Jay Carney To Fox News' Jenna Lee: 'If You Did A Little Reporting...' (VIDEO)

White House press secretary Jay Carney had a sharp response to Fox News host Jenna Lee when she asked him about the canceled White House tours. (Jump to 3:40 in the video above.)

Cable news has made a huge story out of the tours, which the White House says have been halted due to budget cuts, and Fox News has led the charge. On Friday's "Happening Now," Lee pressed Carney about the issue.

"The White House is going to be open for the Easter Egg Roll for families, for Congress,but not open for families that are just, you know, regular families out there that want to visit the White House," she said.

"Well actually Jenna, again, if you did a little reporting, you'd know that the Easter Egg Roll is open to a lot of military families," Carney shot back. "It's paid for by the sale of those eggs that come out, as well as from donations on the outside. It's a totally different budget. These are apples and oranges."

"As a member of a military family, I appreciate that military families are invited to that Easter Egg Roll," Lee replied.



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