6 Of Jay Carney's Most Epic Clashes With Reporters

When Jay Carney steps down as White House press secretary later this year, he will leave behind a trail of memorable clashes with reporters. Here are a few of them:

1. Jay Carney and Ed Henry over Benghazi
In response to a question from Henry about Susan Rice, Carney said, "And I welcome the opportunity to correct the record, especially for some news outlets who persist in misrepresenting the facts." Hmm who, WHO, could he have been talking about??

2. Carney and Jenna Lee over the White House Easter egg roll

Carney to Fox News' Jenna Lee: "Well actually Jenna, again, if you did a little reporting, you'd know that the Easter Egg Roll is open to a lot of military families."

3. Carney and Jon Karl over Obamacare

Carney got into a heated argument with ABC News' Jon Karl over ways to sign up for Obamacare. Karl jabbed his finger at Carney insisting that the White House had said there were four different ways to sign up, and Carney mocked Karl by jabbing his finger towards the reporter. "Jon, I get it!" Carney said.

4. Carney and White House reporters over access

Access to the Obama administration has been a major point of contention for the White House press corps. Reporters have repeatedly grilled Carney about it, while Carney has defended the level of access they have to the White House.

5. Carney vs. Jake Tapper, basically every day:

Back in the day, Tapper was Carney's most reliable sparring partner. Here he is questioning Carney about the White House's anti-journalistic practices:

6. Carney vs. Tapper, Again:

And here he is grilling Carney about the Obama administration's drone strike on Anwar al-Awlaki: