Jay Inslee's Mockery Of His Own Failed 2020 Campaign Is Beyond Be-leaf

The Washington governor had a tree-mendous response to an article in The Onion mocking his withdrawal from the presidential race.

Jay Inslee appears to be tackling his exit from the 2020 Democratic presidential race with tree-mendous humor.

The Washington governor dropped his bid for the Democratic nomination on Wednesday, and the following day shared an article from satirical news site The Onion that poked fun at the news.

The spoof story imagines Inslee, whose campaign centered on confronting the climate crisis, announcing his withdrawal to supporters and then “ethereally transforming into a majestic oak.”

“I think you’ll like my new stump speech,” Inslee joked about the article on Twitter.

The post inspired some pun-derful responses:

Inslee has turned to running for a third term as governor of Washington in 2020.

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