Jay Leno Sued For Bestiality Jokes Regarding Flight Attendant Accused Of Hiding Rats In Underwear

A flight attendant who says she was falsely accused of using her underwear and pantyhose to carry pet rats aboard airplanes has filed suit against Jay Leno over jokes made about her on "The Tonight Show."

The former American Airlines flight attendant, 55-year-old Louann Giambattista, accuses Leno and three other comedians of having made "sickening, outrageous and disgusting attacks" in a July 2013 segment titled "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda.”

A copy of the suit, obtained by Courthouse News, takes specific issue with humorous statements made on Leno's show that accuse her of "engaging in bestiality and sexual misconduct with a rat."

The jokes, made by three comedians who appeared as guests on the show, are as follows:

"If I were one of those rats, I would be really upset. I prefer not to sit in cooch."
-Alec Mapa

"A filthy rodent like a rat does not belong on an airplane. She could have used what the rest of us ladies use -- a rabbit."
-Kira Soltanovich, referring to a popular brand of vibrator

"I don't understand this one at all. If she wanted something that creepy-looking in her underwear she should have hooked up with me."
-Jim Norton

The suit further alleges that Giambattista's sex life with her husband has also been harmed by the Leno segment: "Every time he looks at her he thinks of defendant Leno and the heinous segment depicting her as a sexual deviant."

Per Reuters, Giambattista has also sued American Airlines for the incident. She accuses that company of a "relentless campaign of discrimination."



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