Jay Leno Met With CNN Chief: THR

As Jay Leno prepares to leave "The Tonight Show" after more than 20 years, questions are swirling about where the legendary comedy host will go next. One apparent, and rather unexpected, possibility? CNN.

The late night host, whose run on NBC will end in February when Jimmy Fallon takes over, met with network chief Jeff Zucker in California, the Hollywood Reporter wrote on Wednesday. Coincidentally, Zucker was the force behind the "Tonight Show" scheduling feud in 2010 which resulted in Leno's show being knocked down to a 10 p.m. slot by Conan O'Brien.

Zucker's interest in Leno could have something to do with his goal to bring more "attitude" to the network, headed by an increase in standalone shows and a cutback in newscasts. Zucker came to CNN in 2012 promising to "broaden the definition" of news. In December, he told viewers that they could expect to see a shake up in the primetime and weekend schedule in order to achieve this new goal.

So as people are left wondering what kinds of shows and new additions will be added to CNN, Zucker's meeting with Leno surely offers a glimpse at one answer.



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