Jay Leno Interrupts Cameron Esposito's Stand-Up, Calls Gay Female Comic 'The Future'

On last night's "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," a relaxed, casual Jay Leno did a rare turn in the guest seat. But the most unusual part of the evening was when he and Ferguson started some good-natured heckling at the expense of stand-up comic Cameron Esposito, who was making her late night debut.

When Esposito made a crack about denim during her set, she motioned over to the infamously denim-loving Leno -- and that was all he and Ferguson needed to comment from the other side of the stage. Joking that she had to deal with "Statler and Waldorf," Ferguson told her that this strange incident was not noteworthy, since she would be on TV plenty more times.

Leno chimed in, joking that unlike Esposito, he and Ferguson are straight, caucasian males -- and their days are numbered. "White men are on their way out!" he announced. "Lesbians rule!" Ferguson concurred that Esposito and her peers are surely the "future of comedy."

For the time being, though, Leno doesn't have anything to worry about. With few exceptions, nearly all late night talk show hosts are white, straight males.

Check out the end of Esposito's set, as well as her run-in with Leno and Ferguson, above. (h/t The Comic's Comic)

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