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Niki Taylor, Gangly and 18 Years Old, Makes Jay Leno Blush (VINTAGE VIDEO)

Heading home to be with family on Thanksgiving has us reminiscing -- about our own pasts, of course, but also about fashion folks'. Thus: a vintage video.

Our fave vintage videos often involve models on talk shows. Why? Namely, because when supermodels come on nightly talk shows, the sight of their hotness turns the typically chatty male hosts into bumbling, useless statues (case in point: Conan O'Brien interviewing Marisa Miller). It's highly entertaining.

Jay Leno seemed to have the same problem with Niki Taylor, who came on his show in May 1993 right in the midst of quite the awkward stage. 18-year-old Niki was still in high school, a fact that at first seems preposterous given her womanly appearance but becomes abundantly clear when she starts to speak.

Taylor lolls her gangly limbs about, wrings her hands and generally avoids eye contact. Meanwhile, Leno tries to figure out what to do with a gorgeous model whose main talking points are getting sent to detention and her recent homecoming dance.

Poor Jay. Maybe he should've just stuck with male models -- he seems to get along with them just fine.