Jay Leno Rips Off 'Taylor Swift Is Surprised' Supercut, Admits Fault (VIDEO)

Yesterday the Internet ran to the side of Vh1 blogger and FourFour founder Rich Juzwiak after Jay Leno used his 'Taylor Swift is Surprised' supercut on "The Tonight Show" without giving proper credit. The video which shows Swift's endless amount of shocked facial expressions at awards shows went viral last week, so when Leno introduced it to her as "something we put together for you" on his show Monday night, people took notice.

Juzwiak alerted the Internet to the injustice on FourFour with a post called "Jay Leno Ripped Me Off," explaining that Sean O'Rourke, a research coordinator for "The Tonight Show," had asked for permission to use the video. Juzwiak agreed under the condition that credit be given to himself and comedian Kate Spencer, who created it. However, not only did Leno not credit Juzwiak or Spencer, but failed to mention that the video had garnered hundreds of thousands of views online before he showed it to his audience on Monday night.

Then last night, Jay Leno remedied the situation by running a clarification during the credits which you can below as posted by Dave Itzkoff on Twitter. He didn't mention it otherwise or directly apologize during the show.

In case you missed it, watch Leno's version of the supercut below and see for yourself how it compares to the original. Does this incident show how out of touch Leno is to Internet culture? Or was he just so distracted by Swift that he forgot to give credit where credit is due? Let us know what you think in the comments.