Jay Leno Returns To 'The Tonight Show' To Roast Donald Trump

But he also felt it was necessary to poke fun at Caitlyn Jenner's transition.

Jay Leno made a return to “The Tonight Show” on Thursday to tag in during Jimmy Fallon’s monologue. 

The comedian, who left his hosting gig at the show in 2014, held nothing back, making jabs at everyone from Willie Nelson to Colin Kaepernick to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Considering the current political climate, Leno also made a few quips about Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and, of course, Donald Trump.

“Trump said he won’t throw out the first pitch. He’s skipping the correspondents’ dinner. Is he that thin-skinned?” Leno asked, adding, “You know, if this guy was any more of a pussy he could grab himself,” prompting the audience to erupt into cheers.

“And where are all these jobs?” he went on. “Where are all these jobs Trump promised? You know, Sears just announced they’re closing 42 stores. You know what that means? Lost jobs for 42 sales clerks.”

The monologue didn’t come without one misstep, though, when Leno poked fun at Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, delivering a tasteless (and, frankly, transphobic) joke about her upcoming memoir.

Toward the end, the comedian went on to comment about the nation’s economy, offering up lines like, “The economy is so bad at Mattel, Barbie is now living in her Dream Car,” and, “It is so bad, I saw Matthew McConaughey talking to himself in a Kia.

Leno has made a few appearances on “The Tonight” show in the past year ―most recently in October, when he fired off some hilarious election zingers

Watch the whole monologue above. 



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