Jay Walder Resigns As Head Of The MTA

The head of the largest transit system in the world announced he will be resigning as of October 21st, 2011. Jay Walder, the head of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, said Thursday that he would step down as CEO of the MTA to lead MTR Corporation in Hong Kong.

From an MTA press release:

Jay H. Walder today informed Governor Cuomo of his intention to resign his position as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority effective as of the close of business on October 21st, 2011. Mr. Walder will be joining the MTR Corporation in Hong Kong as Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors. The MTR is a publicly-traded company that operates rail services in Asia and Europe, and is involved in a wide range of business activities, including consulting and property development.

Walder's been with the MTA since 2009, and is responsible for many of the customer-based improvements to the system, included the near-ubiquitous countdown clocks on platforms, and the introduction of the Select Bus Service. Walder has gained the praise of Mayor Bloomberg, despite cutting lines and raising costs to help support the increasingly cash-strapped system.