Jay-Z Buys Basquiat Painting By Swizz Beatz And It's Not Half Bad (PHOTO)

Jay-Z proclaimed in Watch The Throne: "Basquiats, Warhols serving as my muses/ My house like a museum."

Recently the hip-hop deity and art aficionado took his well-documented love for Jean-Michel Basquiat to the next level, buying a portrait of the artist entitled "Holy Grail" made by none other than Swizz Beatz for the Children’s Cancer & Blood Foundation.

The star-studded exchange was documented on Swizz' Instagram with the enthusiastic caption "ART LIFE!!! I will use proceeds to continue helping kids in need." Basquiat is portrayed in all his eclectic glory atop the hood of a Mercedes Benz.

We have to say we're impressed by the quality of Swizzy's work, not that we're surprised. Beatz previously collaborated with spot-happy Damien Hirst on a series of spin paintings and even expressed plans to open an art gallery of his own.

Swizz was seen earlier this year at a Basquiat sale at Sotheby's. The hip-hop mogul told Rachel Corbett at Artspace: "Someday this will all be for me, but I gotta earn it first.”

What do you think of Jay's new wall candy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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