Jay-Z Food Tweets: All The Pasta, Booze And Cereal From His Twitter Binge

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Yesterday, Jay-Z broke the Internet by spending an entire day responding to random questions from fans on Twitter. It was amazing for a few reasons: 1) it exploded the head of every person he responded to, 2) he was mostly responding to subtweets (meaning you had to use his name, Jay-Z and not his twitter handle, @S_C_) and 3) he couldn't stop talking about food and booze.

Ever wondered what Jay-Z's favorite cereal is? Favorite pasta dish? Most frequent hangover cause? He answered all those questions yesterday in his hours-longer-than-expected Twitter marathon. Check out some of our favorites below (including a characteristically awesome response from Cap'n Crunch himself).

Some amazing clarification regarding Cap'n Crunch:

Just to be clear, you guys are welcome to spill champagne in our cereal anytime:

BREAKING: Jay-Z loves ice cream and Christmas:

Thanks for the magical afternoon, Jay. Looking forward to more food-related weirdness next time!

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