Jay-Z: Leather Diapers For Our Baby!

Beyonce and Jay-Z's unborn child -- rumored to be a daughter -- already has the envy of the entire world. To be genetically linked to so much talent (and okay, fortune)? That's one lucky kid.

And since the couple plans to build a 2200 square foot nursery in their Tribeca apartment, we're sure Baby Bey-Z won't be spared any luxuries.

People talked with the A-list rapper and soon-to-be parent last night about his dad, who walked out on the family when Jay-Z was young:

"It makes me a little paranoid because no matter what, I don't think any person, or any male, goes into a relationship thinking that they're going to leave or wouldn't be there," he tells PEOPLE at GQ's Men of the Year party at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. "I think the circumstances a lot of times dictates things, right?"

But that doesn't mean the rapper doesn't have a sense of humor:

On a lighter note, Jay-Z says he and Beyonce will lavish their child with luxuries. So will the baby's diapers be made of gold?

"No," he says, laughing. "Leather!"

Although the couple could probably afford disposable leather nappies, we're hoping they stick with reusable ones for the environment's sake. Either way, it sounds like the Bey-Z baby will soon be squeaking around his or her nursery like the "Leather Man" from SNL: