Jay-Z 'Picasso Baby' Video Shoot: Watch Jay Rap 'Magna Carta' Song To Fans At Art Gallery In Manhattan

Watch Jay-Z Make A Video For New Song

Because not an hour can go by without more Jay-Z news, the rapper/Samsung pitchman took to the Pace Gallery in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon to film a video for "Picasso Baby," the second track on his new "Magna Carta Holy Grail" album. Celebrities in attendance for the shoot included Judd Apatow, rapper Wale, Marina Abramovic and "Girls" star Adam Driver. Jay was at the gallery for six hours.

HuffPost Entertainment editor Kia Makarechi attended the "Picasso Baby" video shoot and relayed some of Jay's moves back to the home office. Check out the clips below (warning: some of the lyrics in "Picasso Baby" are wildly NSFW).

More reports from the scene: Performance artist extraordinaire Marina Abramovic appeared during at least one take of the video (Vines provided by Cedar Pasori):

... as was rapper Wale:

Jay-Z 'Picasso Baby' Video Shoot

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