JAY-Z Puts Hyphen Back In His Name, Twitter Didn't Realize It Was Gone

"I have never in my life omitted the hyphen, I didn't realize I was supposed to."

Grammarians rejoice! JAY-Z has officially resurrected the hyphen in his name.

In 2013, the rapper Jay-Z (aka Shawn Corey Carter aka HOV), in a decision touted as a “massively disrespectful move against hyphens,” dropped the hyphen in his professional name. So, for the last four years, Carter was known as Jay Z.

Now, it’s JAY-Z with the hyphen AND capitalization, a Roc Nation representative confirmed to Pitchfork. And people have a lot to say about the switch-up:

But, surprisingly, a lot of people didn’t even know the hyphen wasn’t a thing all these years:

In addition to his name change, JAY-Z released a preview of his new song “Adnis” off “4:44.” Strangely, his name is formatted in the preview as “JAY:Z.” Colons too, JAY?!

The colon just appears to be for artistic effect, which is a good thing because we can’t take any more linguistic shake-ups related to JAY-Z.

HuffPost has reached out to Roc Nation for comment. We will update this accordingly.

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