Jay Z Staged A 'Candid' Photo With Kevin Hart Because He Is A Damn Pro

The man knows his angles.

Jay Z knows what looks good (hell, the man is married to Beyoncé) so it’s no surprise that he was caught directing a photographer at a basketball game on Thursday night.

The famed rapper and business mogul was at Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers and was spotted being friendly with comedian Kevin Hart. Their interaction ― obviously ― garnered the attention of the paparazzi. Um, hello, two big stars chatting it up? Yeah, that’s a photo op.

As Jay noticed the photographers snapping away, smiling ear-to-ear, he said, “Take the picture while we’re talking” to the person behind the camera. He then immediately resumed play-laughing/hand-shaking with Hart.

The video of him calling the shots is hilarious:

The moment is so incredibly cheesy while also being so dang real. Who among us has not directed a photographer? Jay Z isn’t new here, he knows his angles. And Twitter LOVES that about him.

Here’s what everyone’s been saying about the interaction: 

For what it’s worth, Jay’s efforts were solid ― the resulting photographs are fantastic: 

Moral of the story: Always listen to HOVA.




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