Jay Z Wasn't Always So Fly, But Thankfully He Got It Together (PHOTOS)

Jay Z wasn't always a Grammy award-winning rapper, rocking Tom Ford with a superstar wife on his arm. Although the rapper's rags-to-riches tale is chronicled throughout his music, we rarely get an actual visual of his early years.

We stumbled upon this photo of Jay, with Queen Latifah and rapper Jaz-O, circa 1989 and just had to share...

jay z style

Eek! Look at that 19-year-old, gold grilled hip-hop hopeful with dreams of grandeur. Isn't it comforting to know that even the biggest stars have awkward phases? But it was short lived, because not too long after this pic Jay became the mega musician we know today with a lot more swag.

Through the years Jay worked on polishing his look and got his suit and tie game together (thanks to June Ambrose). Jay has come a long way -- from oversized denim getups and do-rags to bespoke designer suits, expensive watches and the best red carpet accessory of all...Beyoncé.

So in celebration of Mr. Carter's 44th birthday, we took a look back at his amazing style evolution. What's your favorite look?



Jay Z's Amazing Style Evolution