'In My Feelings' Prankster Mowed Down By Car Lives To Tell Jimmy Kimmel About It

Jaylen Norwood demonstrates exactly why no one should try the stunt.

A Drake fan in South Florida who took on the risky #InMyFeelingsChallenge was mowed down by a car, but he suffered only minor scrapes and showed up on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to talk about it.

“I’m the most famous guy in Florida,” Jaylen Norwood, 22, boasted to an amused Kimmel on Monday night.

The Boynton Beach resident achieved his moment of fame when he attempted to jump out of a moving car and dance in the street like the meme that emerged from Drake’s lyrics for the hit single “In My Feelings.” But Norwood decided to do his video with a twist. Instead of jumping out of a moving car, Norwood planned to jump onto the hood of a car driven by his best friend.

During the stunt, he slipped on some oil in the street and fell. His friend’s car “was supposed to come slow ... He comes fast,” Norwood told Kimmel. That’s when Norwood thought: “Oh my God, this is it. This is it.”

“You risked your life for a meme!” Kimmel told Norwood.

“It was worth it,” Norwood replied.

Check out the video above and find out who was laughing when Norwood got creamed.

The National Transportation Safety Board has issued a stern warning about the #InMyFeelings challenge:

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