Man Claiming To Be Jayme Closs' Alleged Kidnapper Speaks From Jail

The man, who identified himself as Jake Patterson, called a reporter from Wisconsin’s Polk County Jail.

A man claiming to be Jayme Closs’ alleged kidnapper called a journalist from jail to speak about the case.

On Monday, “CBS This Morning” reported that Jennifer Mayerle, a journalist from CBS Minneapolis affiliate WCCO, received a call from Wisconsin’s Polk County Jail. The man on the line identified himself as Jake Patterson, who is accused of breaking into Closs’ home last October, murdering both of her parents and holding her captive for 88 days.

Patterson will be arraigned on March 27 and faces charges for kidnapping, armed burglary and homicide.

Asked whether he had regrets, the man on the phone answered, “of course,” without elaborating.

“Part of me, like, really knows I shouldn’t be [expletive] talking to you,” he told Mayerle. “But, like, I just didn’t wanna cause any more trouble.”

Prior to the call, Mayerle wrote to Patterson with questions about the case and included her cellphone number. In the letter, she wondered whether he plans to plead guilty and what he would say to 13-year-old Closs and her family.

Reach via phone by HuffPost, Patterson’s lawyers had no immediate comment.

“I love her,” the caller told Mayerle, claiming that Closs’ time in captivity was spent “watching TV, playing board games, talking about stuff” and cooking.

However, a criminal complaint filed against Patterson in January after Closs escaped offers a far different account. 

According to the complaint, he forced her to stay under his bed in a cabin without water, food or bathroom breaks for up to 12 hours, stacking bins and totes around her so he could detect whether she moved.

The complaint also states Patterson verbally threatened Closs on more than one occasion, hitting her once on the back in a fit of rage. Closs told authorities she didn’t know the cause of his anger.

Nearly three months after being taken from her Barron, Wisconsin, home, Closs escaped on foot and identified herself to a woman who was walking her dog roughly an hour’s drive away.

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