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Jayson Laughman Allegedly Attacks Michael Airhart With Sword Over Missing Shrimp

A Florida man is in jail after making a big to-do about a missing can of shrimp.

Officers in Volusia County, Fla., charged Jayson Laughman, 34, with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on Saturday morning after he allegedly attacked Michael Airhart, his mother's boyfriend, for accusing him of taking the missing shrimp can.

A few minutes after the initial accusation, Airhart was in his own room when cops sayLaughman used a samurai sword to break down the door. Then Laughman allegedly threw kitchen knives at Airhart, 52, reported.

The two then had a "heated verbal argument" before going outside to fight, at which point Laughman threatened Airhart with a statue, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

When deputies arrived, Laughman told them he is diabetic, and blamed his blood-sugar level for destroying the bedroom, reported.

During the investigation, Laughman complained of chest pains so he was transported to a nearby hospital, where he remains.

Arguing over a can of shrimp might seem petty, but it's not the first family feud to make the weird news page.

Last month, Veronica Christina Victoriano allegedly stabbed her sister while fighting over the use of a shared car.

In May, Karen Elaine Harrelson, 48, and Gregory L. Stambaugh, 57, a cohabitating couple in Pennsylvania, allegedly stabbed each other while arguing over who should have won "American Idol": Candice Glover or Kree Harrison

Last September, a family in Port Marion, Pa., got into a massive food fight because the patriarch, George Rhome, was angry his daughter-in-law chose to bake chicken, not fry it.

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