Jayson Musson Channels Bob Ross In Awesomely Magical New YouTube Video

On this most holy of days the YouTube gods have shined upon us, combining two art world YouTube forces into one unbeatable video.

Up until this day we have always pondered which YouTube contribution deserves the title of "Best Artsy Video Ever." Perhaps it's the work of Jayson Musson, aka Hennessy Youngman from Art Thoughtz, who waxes poetic on the bizarre antics of art insiders? Or is it Bob Ross' smiley painting tutorial, filled with retro afros and "happy little accidents"?

Today, we need not come to a conclusion, for Jayson Musson has released a Bob Ross-esque painting tutorial of his own. Entitled "Painting Toward Happiness," the video features a Ross-ified Musson, afro and all, showing us just how magical painting landscapes can be. Enjoy!