Jaz The Parrot Dances To "Uptown Funk"

By Amber James, writer at LittleThings.com

Jaz the parrot loves a good party anthem and isn't afraid to bust a move when he feels the beat.

Whenever his owner recently put on Bruno Mars' catchy hit "Uptown Funk," Jaz started dancing, perfectly timed to the music. You may be sick of this song but this parrot clearly isn't, as demonstrated by his fine dancing skills.

While there have been some sassy cockatoos, including some who just love dancing to the Beach Boys, Jaz doesn't just bob to the beat. He gets really into it and is so entertaining to watch. This video is just further proof that parrots make great pets!

"Jaz prefers funk. This was his first time hearing this song," his owner wrote on YouTube.

Although Jaz appears to start off slow, at :15, he lets loose and puffs up his feathers and even appears to be singing along. Boy does he have rhythm! He bobs his heads, kicks his feet in the air and shakes his tail.

I had no idea parrots could dance like this, but this is so much fun! I actually had to watch this video few times.

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