Jazz Jennings, Transgender Teen, Becomes Face Of Clean & Clear Campaign

This Girl Is About To Become One Of The Most Influential Teens In The World

Things just keep getting better and better for Jazz Jennings -- and hopefully that means things will get better for all of us.

The 14-year-old transgender teen announced this week that she is one of the new faces of Clean & Clear's "See The Real Me" ad campaign, which features a social media push that asks people to use the #SeeTheRealMe hashtag to share personal stories that promote natural beauty.

Jennings told The Huffington Post:

"I feel really honored to be part of The #seetherealme campaign. It's really amazing, as it helps many teen girls who are struggling. It helps them to find themselves and be true to who they are. I hope they can learn to be brave and not care what other people think about them, because if they just stay positive and spread love, then others will be true friends who will accept them no matter what."

This has been quite the week for Jennings. In addition to the launch of her Clean & Clear campaign, it was also revealed that she will star in an 11-part TLC reality television series.

Jennings, who was assigned male at birth and began identifying and presenting as female soon after, has worked tirelessly to bring visibility to the transgender community. She's appeared on numerous talk shows, co-authored a children's book about being trans and was named one of Time magazine's 25 most influential teens in 2014.

Due to Jennings bravery and insistence on living as her true self both on and off camera, she is helping to change the way the world sees transgender people. She claims she's "just having fun being one of the girls" in her new Clean & Clear video, above, but we know better: she's transforming the world.

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