Jazz Jennings Schools Haters Who Claim Her Parents Are Child Abusers

"My story is one of happiness," the transgender teen says.

Jazz Jennings doesn’t hold back in an emotional new video, slamming those who’ve implied that her parents are child abusers for allowing her to live authentically. 

The 17-year-old transgender activist and author has risen to fame in recent years thanks to the TLC reality series “I Am Jazz.” Along the way, she’s been hit with more than her share of close-minded, transphobic criticism, much of which has also been directed at her family, who have supported her decision to express her gender identity since age 6. 

“It breaks my heart seeing my family being trashed and talked about poorly just because of loving me,” Jennings said in the Jan. 15 clip, which can be viewed above. “That’s all anyone can ask for from a family ― to love and embrace their child. I feel loved and embraced by them.” 

Parents Greg and Jeanette Jennings, she added, are “absolutely incredible.”

“They have guided me down a path of unconditional love and support, and without them, then I would be depressed,” she said. “Then I would be so upset and unable to express myself authentically.”

The teen has been frank about her struggles with anxiety and depression, but clarified in the video that none of that stems from her gender identity.  

“My story is one of happiness ― one where a child was able to transition, able to be their true, authentic self,” Jennings said. By sharing her story in the media, she aims to show “what should happen within a family.”