JB Smoove's Story About Helping A Stranger Has A Hilarious Ending

The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star stepped in to help a man he thought was in need.

Actor and comedian J. B. Smoove told radio host Howard Stern this week that he’s always up for helping a stranger in need.

Case in point: when the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star was at a suit store and felt a woman had picked out some “fucked up” garments for her boyfriend to wear to a job interview.

Smoove said he stepped in to “fix” the man’s look.

“I can’t let this guy do this,” he remembered thinking. “I don’t even know this man, but I can’t in my right heart let this man go to that interview with that bullshit on.”

Smoove recalled getting “this motherfucker damn-near naked” as he re-styled him and picked out an interesting pocket square as a talking point.

“I am good at this shit,” he boasted, joking about needing “a show where I fix motherfuckers.”

Stern then asked if Smoove’s assistance had gotten the man the gig.

“I don’t fucking know,” he responded. “I didn’t give that motherfucker my number to check in on me.”

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