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J.C. Penney Commercial: Sexist? (VIDEO, POLL)

We've had (arguably) sexist commercials from Tide, Toyota and even "Got Milk?".

Now it's J.C. Penney's turn to make a TV commercial that riles up the media with "is this commercial sexist?" questions.

Copyranter and Jezebel both pointed out the ad, which we actually saw air on TV this weekend. It features ESPN personality (and John Slattery lookalike) Kenny Mayne telling the assumedly male viewer, "J.C. Penney understands that you don't like advertising for clothes. Who does?"

So the next best thing is to showcase dowdy men's khakis and dorky polo shirts alongside the famous "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" scene in which Phoebe Cates emerges in slow-motion from a pool in a red bikini.

That way, Penney's says, "Everybody wins." Right.

We have to admit, when we saw the ad on TV, we just rolled our eyes at how blatant and unoriginal it was -- how many ads have used girls in bikinis to sell, well, anything and everything besides a bikini?

We're so used to it... but does that make it any less wrong? Check out the commercial below (and for more iconic bikini moments à la Cates in "Fast Times," click here).




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