J.C. Penney Olympic Ad Has Way Too Much Fun With 'No Diggity' Remix (VIDEO)

We’ve seen some inspiring commercials centered around the Winter Olympics. This isn't exactly one of them.

J.C. Penney’s Olympic commercial, set to the tune of a remixed version of Blackstreet's 1996 hit song “No Diggity," urges customers to donate a portion of their purchases to Team USA. It plays off American Olympic skier Ted Ligety's name, hence the video’s title "Go Ligety."

Featuring C-Black of Blackstreet, a Ligety doppelgänger puppet dubbed “Lil' Ligety” and a group of over-eager female shoppers, the video takes us back in time to the end of hip hop's golden era (and, incidentally, to the time the department store regrettably acquired the Eckerd drugstore chain for $2.5 billion).

The video has some clever (and cringeworthy) lyrical gems, including: "I like the way you work it. / Go Ligety. / You got to round it up." The line emphasizes the store's request for customers to round up their purchases and donate the difference to the Olympic team.

As some may point out, the ad's debut comes off the heels of J.C. Penny's decision to close 33 of its 1,100 remaining stores and cut 2,000 jobs. While we're pretty positive the spot isn't going to save the arguably troubled business, we have to give the store props for trying.

Check out the Olympic Remix of "No Diggity" above, and let us know in the comments: Is it cringeworthy or medal-worthy?



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