JCPenney's Girls Are Too Pretty For Homework T-Shirt Sends Worst Message Ever [UPDATE]

If You Buy This For Your Daughter You Fail At Parenting

According to an email from JCPenney Corporate Communications sent to The Frisky, the shirt has been pulled.

Original Post:
Sometimes something is so wrong you can't believe it's real. Case in point: this JCPenney back-to-school shirt for "Girls 7-16." We're sure it's made of the finest "imported" fabric, but the message tears apart in the common sense wash. We can only assume this is from the chain's new Courtney Stodden line of girls wear.

A word of advice to all clothing manufacturers, designers and stores: please don't use your clothing to encourage young girls to value being cutesy-pies over smarty-pantses. That's kind of not what we're going for as a species.

Speaking of horrible ideas for children:

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