J.D. Vance's Crackpot Tim Ryan Conspiracy Theory Mocked As 'Mad-Libs For Bigots'

The GOP candidate said his Democratic opponent planned on "flooding America with illegal aliens" so he could "fund their gender reassignment surgeries."

Ohio Republican and U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Vance was thoroughly mocked on social media after making accusations against his Democratic opponent Tim Ryan that one pundit described as “Mad-Libs for bigots.”

During an interview Thursday night with Tucker Carlson, Vance claimed that if Ryan — whom he described as “the poster board for oligarchy” — won the race, he’d be “flooding America with illegal aliens and then using American tax dollars to fund gender reassignment surgeries for those aliens.”

He then falsely asserted that this was “exactly what Tim Ryan has proposed doing.”

As RawStory notes, Vance appeared to be conflating Ryan’s support for providing gender transition care to transgender and nonbinary people relying on state medical care ― including those in prison or immigration detention — with his support for reducing the size of the immigration system.

Kat Abu of Media Matters For America posted the exchange between Vance and Carlson, describing Vance’s fear-mongering slab of Republican red meat as “Mad-Libs for bigots.”

She also called out the “Hillbilly Elegy” author for calling Ryan a “poster board” (he presumably meant “poster boy”).

Other Twitter users mocked Vance’s claim.

Some people wondered why Democratic candidates didn’t make similar unfounded claims.

But then there were those who decided the only proper response was to go full tinfoil.

Although RealClearPolitics shows that Vance currently has a 3.7 point lead over Ryan, political consultant Liz Mair thinks his attempt to smear Ryan with an anti-trans, very xenophobic theory is a sign he thinks he’s in trouble.

“This is the kind of interview you generally see candidates do when they’re still struggling to consolidate their base,” Mair tweeted.

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