Je Suis at the Library
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The university library may be one of the last bastions of cost-free, open access to unfettered and uncensored information in America.

At the core of these institutions lies the concept that information must be free in order for our informed citizens to make informed decisions.

University libraries are places where ALL viewpoints are allowed expression. We believe all viewpoints have value -- sometimes it's the ones we don't agree with that bring the most clarity.

Universities are unique -- you can access Charlie Hebdo, and the Koran, and the Bible, and Inspire magazine. At a university library you can learn what it means to be an atheist, or an existentialist, or a Mennonite or a Jew. You can read the perspectives of Nazis and you can read about Ghandi. You can make up your own mind without paying for Internet access, television access and without filters. It's just YOU and the information.

The more diverse opinions you are able to understand, the more likely you are to embrace the diversity that surrounds you.

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