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Jean Beliveau, Canadian Man, To Finish Walk Around The World (PHOTOS)

Around the world in 80 days? Not quite. But when you're treading the globe on foot, it's understandable the feat might take more time.

It has taken Jean Beliveau 11 years to make the trek. He's expected to arrive home in Montreal on Oct. 16, marking the end of his journey, according to the AFP.

Fifty-three pairs of shoes later, the 56-year-old man can say he's walked through six continents and 64 countries, owning up to the literal meaning of "world traveler," CBC reports.

Of course, a nearly 47,000-mile walk doesn't come without trials and tribulations. Beliveau told the Toronto Star he was detained in Ethiopia "from a mutual lack of cultural understanding." In Algeria, he got really sick, and in South Africa, he was mugged, the AFP reports.

Accompanied by only a three-wheeled stroller with his belongings, Beliveau said loneliness almost got the best of him; he nearly called it quits in Ethiopia, but his partner persuaded him to go on, according to the AFP.

"After food and shelter, man needs to feel like he belongs," Beliveau told the AFP.

Beliveau largely relied on the "kindness of strangers" as he made his way through unfamiliar territories. He stayed in about 1,600 homes, and nine countries provided him with escorts "to guard him against terrorists or local criminals," Cottage Country reports.

Upon his return home, Beliveau will reunite with his longtime partner, Luce Archambault, who met up with him about once a year during his journey. The two will write a book about what Beliveau encountered during his travels, the Toronto Star reports.

Beliveau left home in 2000, shortly after his business went bankrupt. His walk, which was initially perceived as a mid-life crisis, ended up as a mission to promote peace and non-violence for young children, the AFP reports.