Jean-Claude Van Damme Remakes His 'Kickboxer' Dance Scene, And Now The World Is A Safer Place

Jean-Claude Van Damme is an actual martial artist with dozens of movies to his name, but on Monday, Conan O'Brien asked him the one question that's been on everyone's minds for years: Can he remake his crazy dance scene from "Kickboxer"?

You know the scene. It's when Van Damme's character Kurt Sloane gets into a fight while dancing and still pretty much doesn't miss a step. And, ladies and gentlemen, the man still has it. Van Damme recreated the moment down to his classic shimmy, and he even fought random bad guys.

Who knows why Van Damme's moves make bad guys so mad, but with a new "Kickboxer" movie on the way, it's probably best for them to just stay off the dance floor.

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