Jean Dujardin's Teeth: Will The Oscar Winner Get The Hollywood Fix?

Whiter than white teeth often seem to be a requirement when it comes to the Hollywood set. But now, after winning an Oscar for his role in "The Artist," is French star Jean Dujardin proving that celebrities can shine even if their teeth don't?

"When it comes to that million-dollar smile, Jean is looking like he's fallen a couple hundred thousand dollars short," Phillip Bloch, a stylist for the stars, tells me. "In fact, his should be pearly whites are looking more like Lindsay Lohan's gnasher's prior to her dental makeover."

Bloch isn't alone in thinking that Dujardin's smile could use an overhaul.

"For his smile, I would definitely recommend in-office whitening, Invisalign to align his teeth, then porcelain veneers," said celebrity dentist Debra Glassman, who has signed pictures from Diane Sawyer and Jennifer Hudson in her office.

Invisalign straightens the teeth with a series of clear aligners. Unlike metal braces, you can remove them to brush and floss your teeth. Both Katherine Heigl and Whoopi Goldberg reportedly used the system without anyone knowing.

"Now that [Dujardin] is successful, he is going to have a ton of new stylists, agents, managers and publicists who will want to work with him, and unfortunately they will all want to change him," InTouch news editor and "Taking New York" star Marianne Garvey tells me.

"At first they always say they won't let Hollywood change them, but they always do," she continued. "English lessons and fixing his teeth will be first on the list. Ben Affleck, Zac Effron, Nic Cage, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Nicole Kidman, Celine Dion, Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore and even Tom Cruise all have very different teeth now than they did when they first became famous. Jean will be next."

Jean Dujardin

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