Jean Grae Debuts Her Marvel Hip Hop Variant Cover

Jean Grae Debuts Her Marvel Hip Hop Variant Cover
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Don't forget, she's also Black Panther, and she already punched Deadpool in the face.

<p>Jean Grae lands her own variant cover</p>

Jean Grae lands her own variant cover

Marvel Comics

Rapper Jean Grae debuted her variant Marvel cover on her Instagram and the issue is out now. Per her Instagram, she thanked the Marvel team as well as Shawn Crystal, Christopher Brunner, and Oliver Barret for making it possible. The variant which pays tribute to her album, “The Life of Eh” which doubles as an audio book is now Marvel’s Jean Grey’s Variant number one. Grae, who is no stranger to the blerd ( black nerd) life, was also on Marvel’s Hip Hop panel at last year’s New York Comic-Con.

“The Life of Eh”, which was released in 2014, is an adult-themed storytelling, autobiography, that is honest and vulnerable, yet charming and entertaining. Listening to Grae relive her childhood and talking about her love life, her insecurities and self-reflection over jazzy instrumentals make her not just a rapper but a rounded artist that can use her words to illustrate feelings and moods. Her ability to manipulate words with the greatest command and ease is her superhero power. It’s the perfect compliment to Marvel’s Jean Grey — sans jazzy beats. Jean Grey could only wish she was as funny. Who else you know describes crayons as “radiance wax”?

<p>The State of Eh. A Read Along Album Book Thing. By Jean Grae</p>

The State of Eh. A Read Along Album Book Thing. By Jean Grae

Jean Grae

How is Jean Grae Black Panther, too?

Grae sat down with Fabulize to talk about the importance of Black Panther, cosplaying, black superheroes, and the importance of black women being represented in the geekdom community. Grae had expressed how thrilled she was to be working with Marvel and how she views diversity and whether or not she feels the push for diversity is genuine or not.

“I started doing with stuff with Marvel last year and immediately when it happened, I was like, ‘Why has it taken you guys so long? It’s me’, and last year a great friend Mike Hawthorne drew me into Deadpool, punching Deadpool in the face, so seriously, I had to be at (New York) Comic-Con.” Grae explained to Fabulize Magazine.

<p>Jean Grae punches Deadpool (but she will totally date him)</p>

Jean Grae punches Deadpool (but she will totally date him)

Marvel Comics / Mike Hawthorne

“I was doing some music for the Black Panther video series and who would say no to that? One it’s Black Panther and two, it’s right now; it’s so necessary and three, it’s Ta-Nehisi (Coates). There was no way I wouldn’t want to do that.” Several months later she gets to celebrate her own cover, her own way.

If you are in New York City and want to meet the illustrious rapper, you can attend her signing at Forbidden Planet on May 19th at 6 pm. She might even wear her Black Panther suit.

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