Artificial Intelligence Is Here To Help Us, Microsoft Boss Jean-Philippe Courtois Says

"We can augment human capabilities and impact."

Don't fear artificial intelligence: It's here to help.

In an interview with HuffPost Rise at Davos last week, Microsoft International president Jean-Philippe Courtois said that artificial intelligence should be used to augment human work and bring our productivity to new heights.

Courtois referenced Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant that works on a variety of devices.

"Cortana, which is this nice lady, a digital lady, which you can actually use and talk to on Windows 10. ... You can interact with your life, your mission, your work, and add value to it," Courtois said.

"I think a lot of jobs, with that additional artificial intelligence, we can augment human capabilities and impact," he added.

The overall idea -- one that echoes the opinion of Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard -- is that machines and software aren't replacements for humans, even if they might replace some human jobs.

Sounds good to us.

For more, watch the whole interview above.

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