Jean-Philippe Courtois Explains What's Helping Small Businesses 'Big Time'

During a visit with HuffPost Live at Davos on Saturday, Microsoft International President Jean-Philippe Courtois warned "there's no future" if we don't teach young people the skills to work with new technology.

Courtois said after 30 years with Microsoft, he's most excited about "the incredible transformation we've been going through" to help bring technology to users in new ways. He said things like cloud technology are helping small businesses around the world "big time."

Courtois cited a study that showed small businesses using cloud technology "are growing 50 points faster than the others and creating [twice as many] jobs."

"This is a huge deal," Courtois said.

But it's not just small businesses Microsoft is looking to help. Courtois said "all of us are working in some form or shape and having a personal life," and Microsoft aims to help bring those together, joking that some attendees of Davos have five mobile devices.

"We are trying truly to make people's lives one," Courtois said.

See a video of Courtois' interview above, and see more from Davos below: