Jean Schmidt Reacts To Incorrect Report Of Health Care Ruling, Screams 'Yes! Yes!' (VIDEO)

When the Supreme Court handed down its long-awaited ruling on the Affordable Care Act Thursday, CNN and Fox News sparked a wave of conservative joy by misreporting that the law had been struck down.

That triumph soon turned to tears, as the truth emerged that the law had in fact been upheld. But the reaction of one Republican Congresswoman will live on it all its ear-splitting, primal joy.

Jean Schmidt (R-OH) was standing outside the court building as the initial, incorrect reports were starting to circulate. A bystander with a cellphone camera was on hand to catch her impassioned cries of "YES! YES!"

Schmidt then informed bystanders that the individual mandate was struck down before letting slip a final, passionate "YES!"

Political Reaction To Health Care Ruling

Watch the original video below (via NBC News)

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