Jeanine Pirro May Have Just Made Fox News' Dumbest Claim Yet About COVID-19

The conservative TV personality showed she could use a reality check on "The Five."

Jeanine Pirro, who has joined Fox News’ “The Five” as a permanent co-host, made quite the impact Wednesday with a ridiculous statement about COVID-19. (Watch the video below.)

Fellow panelist Geraldo Rivera called the pandemic “devastating.” “This is something that historians will look back on and say, ‘My God, this was awful,’” he said.

“Uh, that could be debated,” Pirro replied.

Debated? COVID-19 has claimed more than 5.5 million lives globally and 843,000-plus in the United States. And the spread of the omicron variant will markedly slow world economic growth, the World Bank predicted this week.

Pirro’s dismissive comment about the pandemic probably came as no surprise to watchers of Fox News, and she quickly moved to another subject. The cable channel has repeatedly spread misinformation about the coronavirus and vaccines.

Pirro’s embrace of falsehoods extends to other subjects as well. She’s a defendant in a multibillion-dollar lawsuit filed by voting systems company Smartmatic for peddling false conspiracy theories about the company’s influence on the 2020 election. Fox News hosts mentioned in the suit have filed a motion to dismiss the case.

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