Jeanine Pirro Misses Fox News Appearance For Family Emergency

The controversial host has been absent from the network since facing backlash over on-air comments attacking Rep. Ilhan Omar for her Muslim dress.

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro was absent Friday from what was supposed to be her first appearance on the network since a furor erupted earlier this month over Islamophobic comments she made on air.

She had been scheduled to appear on colleague Sean Hannity’s prime-time show, but said she had a family emergency, according to Hannity.

“She had a really serious family emergency come up, couldn’t be with us,” Hannity said at the conclusion of his program. “I don’t know the nature of it, but we always pray for her.”

Questions remain over whether Pirro will return to her own slot on Saturday after two weeks gone.

On Wednesday, Hannity announced Pirro would be back this week, delivering the news during a live phone interview with President Donald Trump, who said he hoped she would be on air again soon.

However, when reached for comment on whether Pirro was still set to return amid the family emergency, a Fox News spokesperson said “tune in at 9pm,” not confirming whether the host was scheduled for an appearance.

Pirro disappeared from her show earlier this month after igniting backlash with Islamophobic remarks about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), questioning whether her hijab was “antithetical” to the Constitution and suggesting it may indicate she follows Sharia law.

In response, Fox News issued a statement rebuking the host, adding that her comments weren’t representative of the outlet’s views.

Asked last week why Pirro’s broadcast was still off the air amid rumors of a suspension, the network was quiet on the matter, offering no explanation.

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